4 Best Lunch Spots in Billings, MT

Best Lunch Spots in Billings, MT - Fried Chicken Dish
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
December 2, 2022

If you're looking for the best lunch spots in Billings, MT, look no further! We've compiled a list of the best places in town. From sandwiches to burgers and even healthier options, no matter what type of food you're looking for, you can find something to satisfy your taste buds at one of these best lunch spots in Billings, MT. So don't miss out on the amazing eats that this town has to offer. Bon appetit! 

The Sassy Biscuit

The sassy Biscuit sandwich

But if you're searching for something exceptional, head to The Sassy Biscuit. This charming restaurant specializes in Southern cuisine, and it's a must-try for anyone looking for an unforgettable meal. Not only is the food delicious (especially the biscuit with fried egg, house-smoked bacon, cheddar, and garlic aioli).

Red Rooster Cafe

Lunch at Red Rooster Cafe

Another top pick is Red Rooster Cafe. This cozy restaurant is a favorite among locals for its tasty food and friendly service. You'll find delicious sandwiches, salads, pizza, and pasta dishes on the menu. But you'll want to try the blackened chicken sandwich - it's served on a ciabatta bun with bacon, avocado, tomato, and garlic aioli - yum! And don't forget to save room for dessert; there are some great choices here.

The Fieldhouse

If you're looking for farm-to-table freshness, The Fieldhouse is the place for you. They prepare their food quickly and with quality in mind, so you'll get a delicious meal every time. Try their chicken liver pâté - it's served with grilled sourdough, rhubarb moutarde, rice, and curry sauce. Delicious! Another dish is their hangar steak cooked and seasoned perfectly; pair it with sweet veggie toast and an umami bomb. It is a complete and satisfying meal worth traveling for.

The Marble Table

Pork Dish at The Marble Table

And last but not least is The Marble Table. This well-known restaurant has a buzz in Billings due to its small setting with only nine tables and excellent food and service.

The Marble Table is a great place for lunch. Their dishes are flavorful and unique, like the jalapeño corn fritters with cheddar cheese, sweet corn, and jalapeno stuffed corn fritter served with house-made Bacon Ranch or Pork Schnitzel and Airline Chicken - both excellent choices.


After enjoying these Christmas events in Billings, MT, you've probably worked up an appetite, so why not enjoy a delicious meal at one of these four best lunch spots in Billings, MT. So go out and explore – your taste buds will thank you!

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