Unusual Things to Do Near Billings, MT

Unusual Things to Do Near Billings, MT - Pictograph Cave State Park
James Conti
James Conti
April 7, 2023

Billings, Montana, is an amazing place with exciting and unique attractions. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through, there are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in and around Billings. From stunning natural landmarks and captivating historical sites to one-of-a-kind museums and more, here is our list of cool and unusual things to do near Billings, MT.

Pictograph Cave State Park

Located near the banks of the Yellowstone River southeast of Billings, Pictograph Cave State Park features three distinct limestone caves containing ancient pictographs painted by Native Americans as far back as 2170 B.C. You can take self-guided tours or join one of the ranger-led hikes with knowledgeable guides who will tell you about the park’s history, culture, animals, and plants.

Moss Mansion

Moss Mansion

The Moss Mansion is a beautiful Victorian home built in 1903 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Preston Boyd Moss for his family. The house still stands today as a museum showcasing over 18 rooms filled with antiques throughout history - including artifacts from all over the world! Tours are led daily, so you can learn all about this incredible structure that was once a key landmark in Downtown Billings.

Pompeys Pillar National Monument

As miles away from Billings as it may seem—it’s actually only 25 miles south along I-94—easily accessible Pompeys Pillar National Monument is definitely worth a visit for its sheer historical significance (the rock has been declared a national monument since 2001). Here you’ll find one of America’s most spectacular examples of sandstone pillars formed millions of years ago due to erosion caused by flooding rivers and streams. Climb on its rugged terrain where Lewis & Clark carved their famous signatures in 1805!

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Bighorn Canyon

Just 2 hours east lies Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, which offers 90 miles of shoreline surrounded by some of the most remote landscapes in Wyoming or Montana. Here you'll find stunning views at every turn - whether looking up at dramatic canyon walls or across vast green meadows filled with wildflowers - plus plenty of recreational activities like fishing, boating, camping, and more!

Chief Plenty Coups State Park

Chief Plenty Coups State Park has many unique attractions, such as the historic homestead cabin built for Chief Plenty Coups himself at Crow Agency Creek Valley near Pryor Creek Reservoir southwest of Billings. Visit this site to get insight into what life was like for this important native leader before moving on to modern times ahead.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Take a trip down memory lane at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument northeast of Billings along I-90/94, where two different cultures clashed in one legendary battle between General George Armstrong Custer's Seventh Cavalry Regiment and Lakota Sioux & Northern Cheyenne warriors led by Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse respectively on June 25th, 1876. Learn all about this momentous event during your tour with experienced park officials detailing accounts that happened over 140 years ago!

Enjoy Some New Experiences During Your Visit to Billings

There are plenty more cool and unusual things to do near Billings, MT – but hopefully, our list gives you just enough inspiration to start planning your next adventure! After a long day of exploring, here are some places to grab the best BBQ in Billings.

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