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Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
February 4, 2022

Billings offers plenty of activities to enjoy without spending money. Montana's state motto is Big Sky Country, and enjoying the endless views is one of the best free things to do in Montana.


Outdoor recreation is a beautiful way to enjoy time in Montana on a budget. The Billings area has several preserves and parks to stretch your legs, go bird-watching, and enjoy the stunning landscape. Billings also has an art gallery and a free museum where you can learn more about the area's history and culture.


Four Dances Trail

Four Dances offers four-season recreation. This Special Recreation Management Area features 765 acres of preserved land. Visitors will find hiking trails through various landscapes, such as grassland, pine forests, and cliffs.

Visitors can walk a quarter-mile footpath to reach a rimrock wall overlooking the Yellowstone River. Additional activities include hiking, photography, bird-watching, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. You'll love exploring this wild landscape and enjoying the views no matter what season.


Yellowstone Kelly's full name was Luther Sage Kelly. He was a famous veteran, warrior, and scout who sought adventure in the Wild West. The Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site honors Kelly's gravesite.

Kelly spent many years in Montana as a trapper, hunter, and explorer. Before he died in 1928, he requested to be buried in Montana. The site features a monument overlooking the stunning Yellowstone Valley.


Toucan Gallery

Toucan Arts is home to Toucan Gallery, one of Billings's oldest and most prominent galleries. The gallery presents artworks from over 40 area artists.

Toucan Arts constantly welcomes new artists, so the gallery walls continuously change. Toucan is committed to promoting art for everyone, and everyone can enjoy time browsing the artworks.

In addition to the artworks, Toucan has a boutique where guests can see unique artisan items. The boutique offers hand-blown glass, cards, jewelry, scarves, etc.


Sacrifice Cliff is a legendary rimrock cliff located opposite Boothill Cemetery. It's believed that Crow Indian boys would meditate here. One legend tells that two Crow Indians rode off the cliff in despair after their sweethearts died from smallpox. Another legend says that the Crow Indians rode off the cliff after discovering their entire tribe had died from smallpox.

Boothill Cemetary was the ghost town of Coulson's cemetery. The cemetery's name refers to the many residents who died with their boots on. The site features a large stone cairn with a memorial inscription.


Yellowstone County Museum offers exhibits celebrating Yellowstone Valley's diverse culture and history. The museum features the world's largest public display of Ghost Dance objects and Native American objects from 1880 to 1940.

Visitors can enter the 1890s Coulson City Saloon, view a 1901 steam engine train, and learn about the Sidesaddle movement.

The museum's entrance is located in the historic 1893 McCormick Cabin.


Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is in the heart of the city and offers outdoor recreation. Visitors can walk on the multi-use trails, splash, wade, and swim in the wading pool, or challenge their friends to a sporting game.

Pioneer Park has tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and a large greenspace for softball, football, and soccer. Have fun on the disc golf course, or fire up the BBQ.


Before exploring Billings, start your day off right with delicious breakfast cafes near me. Between outdoor spaces and indoor galleries and museums, you won't run out of great free things to do in Montana.

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