5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Billings, MT

Sushi Restaurants in Billings - Sushi rolls & nigiris
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
February 3, 2023

Craving some sushi? Get ready to take your taste buds on an exciting, flavorful journey. We've rounded up the top five best sushi restaurants in Billings, MT - so whether you're a fan of local favorites or love hunting for hidden gems, there's something here that'll leave your mouth watering in excitement. Prepare yourself for fresh Japanese delights: sashimi, nigiri, and more! So, what are you waiting for – let’s explore these incredible spots now!

Sushi has become an international phenomenon known for its timeless tastes and vibrant colors - gaining a cult-like following over time!

Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro

Sushi Rolls from Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro

At Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro, your taste buds can explore the world of Chinese and Japanese delicacies! Their menu will satisfy all cravings with unique treats like tempura rolls, teriyaki chicken, miso soup, and more. If you're in a hurry, you can still enjoy their dishes – order them to-go! Come unwind at this cozy restaurant and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience from Japan and China!

Fancy Sushi-Asian Fusion

Satisfy your craving at one of the best sushi restaurants in Billings, MT! Fancy serves up unbelievably delicious dishes like Fuji Roll, Crazy Tuna & Dynamite Special Rolls - using only the finest natural ingredients. Join the vibrant atmosphere and treat yourself to delectable treats that inspire your taste buds! Plus, you can be sure of getting remarkable service, making it an unforgettable experience every time you visit.

Chen's Sushi

Shagy dog roll at Chen's Sushi

At Chen's Sushi, each dish is crafted with the delicate touch of a sushi chef and only the freshest ingredients. Whether you try sweetheart or sashimi deluxe - your taste buds will surely be delighted as every bite surprises your palette with rich flavors such as spicy tuna mixed perfectly with avocado & mango sauce and 18 slices of fresh sliced raw fish, including salmon, yellowtail & more. So come grab your chopsticks and head over to Chen's – it'll leave you craving another visit!

Wild Ginger

Step into a world of culinary delights with Wild Ginger Japanese Steak House, Sushi Bar, Oyster Bar & Lounge located downtown! With an array of Asian cuisine dishes to choose from - like sushi special rolls and oysters- your taste buds won't be disappointed. Want something fresh? Enjoy the goodness that comes with no MSG-added food and top-quality fish every time you dine here. Experience diverse flavors for all kinds of tastes on our expansive menu today!

NaRa Restaurant

Variety of sushi rolls and sashimi from NaRa Restaurant

Experience sushi like never before with NaRa! Treat yourself to something special with Kakinoha-sushi. This type of sushi combines the freshness associated with traditional raw fish slices on rice - but adds an extra element: it's wrapped in a sweet and delicate persimmon leaf. First created centuries ago as part of imperial cuisine in Japan, this delicacy has made its way to Montana - where it has been voted Best Sushi & Japanese Restaurant by the Billings Gazette 12+ times amidst rave reviews from patrons. 

Grab Your Chopsticks and Roll-on Over

Billings, Montana, is home to some of the best sushi restaurants in the state. If you're looking for a delicious sushi meal, check out one of these five fantastic establishments. Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro offers a wide variety of traditional and fusion sushi rolls, Fancy Sushi-Asian Fusion has an extensive menu with something for everyone, Chen's Sushi is known for its fresh seafood offerings, Wild Ginger serves up unique and flavorful dishes, and NaRa Restaurant is a popular spot for lunch or dinner. No matter your sushi craving, you can find it at one of these five best sushi restaurants in Billings, MT. After lunch or dinner, if you're looking for something else to do, try one of these breweries in Billings, MT!

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