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Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
February 16, 2024

Looking to explore mountain biking near Billings, MT? This place is perfect for biking fans, with Billings Peaks offering beautiful views for your outdoor fun. Whether you're good or just beginning, there's a path here full of excitement and challenges. Let's check out the amazing trails that make Billings a great spot for biking, where you can enjoy the thrill of riding through some of the most beautiful spots in nature.

Highline Loop Trail

The Highline Loop trail is the epitome of Montana mountain biking. An 11-mile double loop offering a taste of everything. The ride begins gently, weaving through grassy knolls and wildflower meadows, providing serene views of the Big Sky Country. As the path winds through the rugged terrain, riders encounter a mix of beginner-friendly segments complemented with exhilarating downhill bursts and technically challenging stretches that keep seasoned cyclists engaged. This is mountain biking in its purest form — it's not just an activity; it's an experience.

Phipps Park Trail

Phipps Park Trail is beloved for its compact yet intense character. While it's among the shortest trails in Billings Peaks, spanning just 2.5 miles, don't be fooled by its brevity; it packs a punch. This one-way downhill descent is perfect for those seeking gravity-powered thrills. The path is highly technical, featuring steep drops, sharp turns, and rock gardens that promise an adrenaline-fueled ride. It's a favorite destination for riders looking to improve their skills or those who crave the speed of a slick descent.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is a must-ride for an experience that merges the urban with the wild. This three-mile loop offers a laid-back biking experience with scenic views of the Yellowstone River. They cater to a wide audience, from families out for a casual ride to nature lovers seeking a peaceful stretch. The trail offers several side paths that take you deeper into the area's natural beauty. With easy access to downtown amenities, it's the perfect blend of convenience and nature's tranquility.

Zimmerman Park

Experience Zimmerman Park's trail network, a playground for mountain bikers. This area is renowned for its variety, with trails like the Waterline Loop offering a moderate ride and paths like the East Side connecting you to more challenging routes. The technical singletracks are knots of sharp turns, rooty sections, and tight switchbacks, keeping riders skillfully navigating through the forested hills. Zimmerman Park is a dynamic experience, where the landscapes are as demanding as they are rewarding, making it a favorite for locals looking for a test or a new adventure.


Rollercoaster isn't just a name; it's what you can expect. It's a trail near Billings, MT, famous for its sharp climbs and drops, offering some of the most exciting mountain biking near Billings, MT. This trail challenges riders with its tough climbs and rewards them with stunning city views and prairies. It's a ride that demands respect but offers incredible panoramic views as a reward, reminding you why you started mountain biking in the first place.

Trust the Trails, Conquer the Peaks

Billings Montana, stands as a beacon for those passionate about mountain biking near Billings, MT. This region offers a diverse array of trails that cater to every level of experience, from serene paths along the riverfront to exhilarating climbs with breathtaking views. It's not just about the trails but the journey they represent—a perfect blend of challenge and beauty, inviting bikers to immerse themselves in the area's natural wonder. Whether seeking adventure, tranquility, or both, Billings provides an unforgettable backdrop for mountain biking explorations.

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