Hidden Gems Near Billings, MT

Hidden Gems Near Billings, MT - Billings MT View
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
April 15, 2022

Billings is known for its beautiful landscapes and cosmopolitan downtown, and there are lots of activities and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Three Favorite Hidden Gems in Billings MT

Our favorite hidden gems will introduce Billings' history, culture, and beauty. Experience a cowboy campfire and meal under Montana's famous Big Sky. Or, find a peaceful corner in a beautiful garden and enjoy nature. Uncover hidden historical facts and explore Billings' most interesting landmarks on a scavenger hunt.

Finding Billing's hidden gems will prove to be a thrilling experience.

DanWalt Gardens

DanWalt Gardens

DanWalt Gardens calls itself "Billings Best Kept Secret." This delightful garden features beautiful flowering annuals, trees, shrubs, and perennials. Something is always flowering at DanWalt Gardens.

In the spring, you'll see daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips. Hydrangeas, coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, roses, lilies, and Shasta daisies are in bloom in the summer. You'll be treated to dahlias, hibiscus, roses, and asters in the fall.

In addition to the beautiful flowering plants, DanWalt has a peaceful koi pond, fountains, walking paths, and seating. It's a great place to bring a book and enjoy nature.

DanWalt Gardens began as a private garden and how grown into a premier Billings destination. The Gardens have themed areas such as the Japanese Garden, rose garden, and ceremony garden. The Gardens also feature exotic chickens. The black-tailed Japanese chickens are the progeny of chickens originally hatched by the garden's namesake Dan in the 1950s.

Dan Walt Gardens offers a charming oasis in the middle of Billings.

Happy Pappy’s Cowboy Cookout

Chuckwagon Ride at Happy Poppy's Cowboy

Happy Pappy's Cowboy Cookout offers residents and visitors a unique way to enjoy Montana's hospitality. First, visitors can take a covered wagon ride to the chuckwagon camp. Once at the camp, you can explore the area and the Pryor Creek stream by horseback. Next, you'll enjoy a chuckwagon dinner and a cowboy concert.

Guests can choose from steak, BBQ chicken, or lasagna. Guests are encouraged to wear bandanas and cowboy hats and get in the cowboy mood. Dinner is served under Montana's big sky, and the landscape is phenomenal.

After the meal, you can sit around the campfire and enjoy cowboy campfire songs.

Happy Pappy's Cowboy Cookout offers a great way to enjoy Montana's hospitality and experience a traditional cowboy adventure.

Let’s Roam Billings Scavenger Hunt

Beautiful landscape in Billings, MT

If you want to see Billings in a new light and have some fun, participate in the Billings Scavenger Hunt. This hidden gem provides a great opportunity to explore Billings' favorite hidden gems. Guests can download the app and start the scavenger hunt at any time.

During the Scavenger Hunt, you'll walk to different historical locations and discover the city's history, culture, and art. Work with your partners, family, and friends to answer fun trivia questions and upload photo challenges. You'll earn points for each completed item and can compete against other teams.

You can customize your Scavenger Hunt by choosing different custom hunts, such as Date Night, Team Building, Bachelorette, or Birthday.

The Let's Roam Billings Scavenger Hunt provides a great way to learn about Billings, discover its history, and explore fun facts.

Explore Montana

There are many hidden gems in Billings MT waiting to be discovered. For more adventure, check out The Montana Dinosaur Trail and take a journey into Montana's ancient past.

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