Discover Montana’s Beauty at DanWalt Gardens

Discovering DanWalt Gardens - Garden of flowers
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
March 4, 2022

DanWalt Gardens offers visitors and residents a fantastic way to enjoy Montana's beauty. The gardens feature perennials specifically zoned for Montana's climate. You'll find beautiful flowers throughout spring, summer, and fall. The gardens are known for their peace and beauty.


The gardens began when Dan Jellison and Walt Williams started turning their grass backyard into a vegetable and flower garden. The gardens have grown since then and now offer extensive gardens.


DanWalt Garden

The garden's land has been in the Jellison/Jost family since the 1880s.

In the 1990s, Dan Jellison and Walt Williams began making this unused grassy area into a vegetable and flower garden.

In 1996, Dan and Walt participated in The Moss Mansion Garden Tours. The gardens received 400 visitors, and They were officially launched to the public.

In 1997, the gardens received an award from Bright N'Beautiful. Later, the gardens purchased two more acres, allowing space for weddings and events. The additional land allowed for more themed areas and attractions.

In 2017, Dan and Walt sold the gardens to Clint and Suri Lunde, who have kept the original name.

Today's visitors can find several historical links to the original property. The private home on the north side is built where the farm's original carriage house stood. The McIntosh apple tree was initially planted next to the Pavillion in 1896, and the rhubarb plants have been grown on the property since the early 1900s.


Garden filled with flowers

DanWalt features plants that are ideally suited for Montana's climate. In the spring, you'll find daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips.

Vibrant summer blooms include coneflowers, hydrangeas, black-eyed Susans, lilies, irises, and clematis.

Hibiscus flowers bloom in August and September. Fall also brings chrysanthemums, asters, and roses.

In addition to the perennials, thousands of hanging baskets and colorful annuals enhance the gardens.


DanWalt has several beautiful themed areas. Visitors can enjoy a Japanese garden, a ceremony garden and pond, a rose garden, bridges, fountains, and statues. The Koi pond is stocked and offers a tranquil setting for contemplation.

In addition, the gardens are home to exotic chickens, who are descendants of chickens Dan started raising in the 1950s. Visitors can watch and feed the lively chickens.


The gardens also feature a peaceful Memorial Rose garden. You can buy a rose and plant it to honor a loved one. The rose garden is an excellent spot to relax and remember special times with loved ones.


Special Event at DanWalt Gardens

The gardens host special events, including weddings, reunions, baby showers, birthdays, luncheons, memorials, and workshops. The beautiful grounds are popular with groups looking for a picture-perfect setting for their event.


DanWalt Gardens are the perfect place to relax and enjoy a peaceful setting. Before starting your day, be sure to fill up at one of these places to get breakfast in Billings.

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