Fond Farewell to Andy Williams

Fond Farewell to Andy Williams
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Arielle Sanchez
December 30, 2015

We bid a heartfelt adieu to our beloved Andy Williams who has retired from the Dude Rancher Lodge after over 40 years with us! Andy got the job through her Aunt Anita who had worked here for 22 years and quickly became a star employee. One of Andy's fondest memories is riding around Billings in Annabelle Goan's, (original owner of the Dude Rancher), big blue Cadillac and going on a shopping spree with her. The halls of the Dude Rancher Lodge will not be the same without Andy's presence; she will be greatly missed by everyone. During her retirement, Andy plans to spend more time with her 2 children, 9 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. We wish you a enjoyable and prosperous retirement and hope you come back to visit us at the Dude Rancher Lodge!

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