Best Places to Sled in Billings, MT

Best Places to Sled in Billings
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Arielle Sanchez
November 6, 2020

There are plenty of reasons to visit Montana, especially if you love nature and the great outdoors. As the season changes, so do the things to do in the area! As winter and the holidays approach, you can enjoy various winter activities in the area like ice skating, drinking hot cocoa, and, of course, sledding! Billings has excellent places for kids of all ages to enjoy this traditional winter activity.


Girl sledding in the snow

Pioneer Park is one of the best places to sled in Billings, Montana. It is a popular location known by tourists and locals as it is one of the biggest parks in the area. The park is located near Billings Senior High School. The park’s bowl shape flattens closer to the school area, which provides a wide range of steep and gentle slopes for all types of sledders. This park is excellent for all kinds of sleds like inflatable tubes, plastic, and metal sleds because of its gentle terrain. During the spring and summer months, the park hosts soccer and baseball games. These fields provide a wide-open space in the winter for sledders to dismount and regroup after gliding down the hills. There are also picnic tables and benches to break and warm up before hitting the “trail” again.


Rimview Park is another city park that offers great places for sledders to enjoy the snow. This park is a newer park located east of Shiloh. It has a unique U-bowl shape, which provides open areas for lots of sledders to enjoy the site at once without feeling too crowded. There is a trail at this park that can sometimes be covered by snow. Younger sledders may want to watch out so they don’t fall off their sled onto the path itself. There is also a playground at this park.


Lots of people in Castle Rock Park - Photo by: Bob Zellar - Billing Gazette

Castle Rock Park is the largest park in the Heights area and is close to downtown Billings, making it a popular sledding destination for locals. Located on North 23rd Street, the park has quick access to Downtown Billings’ local shops and eateries. It’s also one of the closest places to go sledding near the Dude Rancher Lodge! Its convenient location makes it one of the best places to sled in Billings, Montana.


This park is located in Monad between 24th and 19th streets. The park provides long and gentle slopes for sledders, making it great for little kids and beginners. That’s not to say that older kids wouldn’t enjoy a day here, though! More experienced sledders tend to focus on gaining speed and distance when sledding at this location. The park is 10 acres, leaving plenty of room for lots of sledders to take advantage of new snowfall.


Trees covered in snow

Phipps Park is for the adventurous sledder. The park’s rocky terrain is a bit of a challenge for sledders, but it doesn’t stop anyone from trying. There is a 2.5-mile hiking trail at the park, and rocks may be buried under the snow for added challenges. Make sure your sled is up to the task before attempting to hit these slopes.


Some of the other best places to sled in Billings, Montana, include the Lockwood School just outside Billings, the area outside the Ironwood Subdivision, and the more-secluded Rimrocks area.


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