Experience the Haunted Halls of Dude Rancher Lodge in Billings

Experience the Haunted Halls of Dude Rancher Lodge in Billings
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Arielle Sanchez
September 25, 2015

Is the Dude Rancher Lodge haunted? If you have ever wondered if ghosts exist, the Dude Rancher Lodge is just the place for you. Be sure to book the Spirits to Dine For package so you can get the opportunity to experience the paranormal for yourself. But this opportunity won’t last for long. The Spirits to Dine For package will only be available for bookings from October 1st through November 8th. The Dude Rancher Lodge has been featured in the book, “More Haunted Montana”. The book documents a number of paranormal activity throughout Montana including the first sightings of ghosts and other activity at the hotel. When you purchase the Spirits to Dine For package, you will receive accommodation in of the rooms at the hotel that has been reported as having paranormal activity. In addition, you will also receive 1 EMF Meter - a device used to detect ghosts so you can track the room for yourself. Finally, you will also be given a signed copy of the “More Haunted Montana” book for your enjoyment.The Dude Rancher Lodge hotel was built in 1950 by Percival and Annabel Goan. After their deaths, strange experiences began to be reported. Guests as well as staff from the hotel have reported a number of different encounters that they cannot explain. Some have reported lights turning on and off on their own, knocks on the doors when no one was on the other side, televisions turning on suddenly when housekeepers are cleaning, and the sound of children running in the halls even when there are no children present. Perhaps one of the most interesting events on record was the sound of a woman’s voice that was caught on tape in the basement of the hotel. The mysterious voice was caught by the Paranormal Research Society. If you are interested in booking a room, be sure to reserve yours soon as rooms fill up quickly during the Halloween season.If you are looking for an encounter from another dimension, be sure to book now at one of the most popular haunted hotels in Billings, MT!

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