Cool Places to Visit and Explore at Billings MT!

Cool Places to Visit and Explore at Billings MT!
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Arielle Sanchez
August 7, 2014

Billings, Montana offers a number of cool places to visit and things to explore. It is a historical city with much to offer, you just have to go out and discover it! In order to better help you do this, here are some ideas of cool places to go to. For those staying in hotels near Alberta Bair Theater, let your adventure in Billings begin!

When in Montana, a trip to the mountains is a must. But in Billings, we offer a whole new mountain experience at the Pryor Mountains. The Pryor Mountains are truly unique – geologically, ecologically, and even culturally! The first thing that sets these mountains apart is that the erosion of uplifted limestone formed them. Other mountains in Montana are instead formed by the erosion of glacier carved granite. This location is also historically significant, as there are pictographs in the caves proving that the site has housed humans 10,000 years ago. The Native American tribe, The Apsaalooke, also believed that the mountains are where the First Maker travels to as he watches over his creation. A visit to the beautiful and sacred Pryor Mountains will definitely be a highlight of your trip!

If you love live entertainment, then visit the Alberta Bair Theater, which has been part of Billings’ culture for over 80 years. The Alberta Bair Theater is beautifully architected in the art deco design. It is also the largest performing arts center in the region and houses different productions, from theatre performances, dance, musicians, and even local performance groups. Stop by and see a show today!

Are you interested in guns or enjoy going to shooting ranges? If so, Three Sights is for you. Three Sights is a family friendly shooting range that is open to the public. Here, you be given instructions for safe shooting, and you can even purchase weapons, themed clothing, ammunition, and supplies if you so desire.

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