Get Your Fright On @ 2 Moon Haunted Hallow

Get Your Fright On @ 2 Moon Haunted Hallow
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Arielle Sanchez
October 18, 2013

At Two Moon Park this Halloween, join The Billings Jaycees team for the Two Moon Haunted Hallow event just one mile east of Metra Park on Bench Avenue. A unique outdoor haunting with actors across the park, visitors are led through frights and scares that will take place rain or shine. Guests are advised to bring appropriate clothing for wind, rain, snow, or shine. This Halloween, Thursday, October 31st from 6 pm, visitors will be in for a treat. If you’re staying at a hotel near Metra Park, then make sure to bring the family to this unique Halloween event.Proceeds from the entry price will be distributed amongst numerous non-profit organizations and charitable causes in the local area of the community of Billings. At night, parking attendants will be at the top entrance to the area, able to advise on whether there are spaces available in the lower area at the door. Three parking areas are open: the circular parking at the entrance, a central parking lot near the access to the bike trail to the top at the left, and the upper parking area across from the Centennial Ice Arena. All of these are within walking distance of the Two Moon Haunted Hallows.Historically, Halloween is a night where the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Formerly known as All Hallows’ Eve, the words became contracted into its new name. All of the dead are remembered according to the traditions. This includes the saints right through to the demons and less desirable visitors to earth. According to some scholars, Halloween is the Christianized version of the earlier Celtic festival, Samhain, though others disagree with this. Either way, it is the night of the year where the boundaries between worlds overlapped the most clearly, and the deceased might even come back to life. Celebrations frequently involved bonfires, and the history of masks says that this was an attempt to either mimic or appease the evil spirits which might be lurking. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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