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Here are to top breweries in Billings MT, are you thirsty yet?

Brewed Beer - Top Breweries in Billings
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
May 7, 2021

Billings is a great town, but sometimes it can make you feel a bit parched and a little thirsty. That dry Montana air can stick in your throat a little, especially after a long day of sightseeing or hiking. But the locals know the trick for satisfying that thirst--locally-brewed craft beer. Thankfully, finding the best breweries in Billings MT doesn't take a lot of work. There are a lot of great options, and here are a few of our favorites.

Top Must-Try Billings Breweries

Thirsty Street Brewing Co. at The Garage

Thirsty Street Brewing Co. at The Garage

You can find one of the best selections of beers from the local area at the Thirsty Street Brewing Company's tasting and taproom. The Garage is Thirsty Street Brewing's main base of operations--it's here that they brew most of their best stuff. They've got a stage to host live music and events, too.

They've got 14 Thirsty Street beers on tap, along with selections of wines, ciders, and seltzers. The best thing about Thirsty Street is the wide variety--from Saison-style farmhouse brews to English ales and even mixed-culture sours--they've got a little of everything.

Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill

If you're looking for local ciders, check out Cider Mill's Last Chance Pub. Named for the stream that feeds the Ross Orchard in the Clarks Fork River Valley, they serve a full range of ciders and cider blends. They've also got a ton of beer options, and the food ranges from small plates to salads and entrees.

Asylum Distillery

How did a distillery make it onto a list of breweries? Well, Asylum doesn't serve beer, but their unique cocktails and small-batch liquor selections are worth the stop. Try their $10 tasting flights, or dive in with a martini or a mule. If you like it enough, take a bottle home and try your hand at some mixology.

Uberbrew beers


At the Uberbrew taproom, you can pick your suds. Will it be bright and refreshing, smooth and malty, hoppy, or seasonal? They've got several Irish Reds and stouts, IPAs, and specialty brews like fruit beers and coffee cream stouts.

Carter's Brewing

One of the best breweries in Billings MT that the locals often favor, Carter's has a good selection of staple beers, plus up to a dozen rotating brews if you want to try something new. Grab a flight to find your new favorite. Then, take it outside to enjoy it while overlooking the railroad tracks.

Angry Hank's Microbrewery

Angry Hank's Microbrewery does everything in-house, with locally sourced ingredients. They grow their own yeast, and the hops come from the Yakima Valley in Washington. Their "flagship" brews include a blonde ale, a Belgian wheat, an IPA, and red and brown ales. You'll also want to keep your eye peeled for their seasonal selections that rotate throughout the year. If you like it, they sell growlers and kegs to go.

Thirsty Street Brewing Company @ The Taproom

The Taproom is Thirsty Street Brewing's barrel-aging program. They've got all of the best beers on tap, along with some wine, cider, and seltzers. There's a game room, too, with billiards, darts, and shuffleboard.

Montana Brewing Co.

Bottle of beer from Montana Brewing Co.

Montana Brewing Company is a full bar and grill located in the Montana Power Co. building downtown. Their full menu makes it an excellent stop for drinkers and non-drinkers and general nights out with friends. With selections ranging from appetizers to pizzas, Mexican dishes, sandwiches, soups, and salads, Montana Brewing will fill you up and give you something delicious to wash down. Their award-winning house-brewed beers are all on tap, and their knowledgeable staff will help point you in the right direction.

Get Your Suds in Billings

The breweries in Billings are fabulous. If you're staying at the Dude Rancher Lodge, you're right downtown next to all the action. So head out for a night on the town, but skip your standard weeknight brews and try something local.

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