The Montana Warrior Run

The Montana Warrior Run
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Arielle Sanchez
July 21, 2017

Montana offers a wide variety of exciting outdoor activities to enjoy. Whether you enjoy activities from fishing to hiking, there is always something for you. One exciting event is the famous Montana Warrior Run, which is back again and better than ever. If you are staying at an affordable hotel in Billings MT and you love to run, then consider registering for this exciting event today! This year, the Montana Warrior Run will be held on August 20th starting at 9 am. Whether you want to run a fast 5k or you want to challenge yourself by running the 8.5 course, this event is just for you. When you partake in the Montana Warrior Run, you’ll go on a combination run that includes both a path as well as a trail run throughout the course. You’ll go from paved road to various terrains and challenging hills to keep things interesting! The 5k is a friendly run/walk course while the 8.5-mile trail is more challenging which is perfect if you are looking to for something different. Registering for the 5k is $30 and $35 for the 8.5-mile course. This year, when you register for this event, you can pick up your packet at The Dude Rancher Lodge. Also, on August 20th and the 21st, the Dude Rancher Lodge will be hosting an American Red, White, and Blue Waffle breakfast! Enjoy this classic breakfast food with toppings such as strawberries, whipped cream, and blueberries! There will also be fresh brewed coffee and tea to enjoy as well. Whether you’re running in the race or you are merely cheering someone on, stop by the Dude Rancher Lodge to enjoy breakfast before the run! There will also be a table where you can pick up a special Dude Rancher water bottle!  This year, don't miss out on the annual Montana Warrior Run and the waffle breakfast at Dude Rancher Lodge.

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