Monster Trucks & Supercross coming to MetraPark

Monster Trucks coming to Metrapark
Mary Piper
Mary Piper
February 5, 2021

Are you ready for some smashing and crashing action? Check out the next visit from monster trucks in Billings, MT! The NO LIMITS Monster Trucks & Supercross Show will be headed to MetaPark on February 20th. In addition to an all-star lineup of monster trucks, there will also be opportunities for monster truck rides and kids’ power wheel races. Check out the monster truck headliners you’ll see at the NO LIMITS show below!


Monster Patrol Truck

Owned by Paul Shafer, the Monster Patrol truck debuted in 1993 and is known for its iconic green and black body paint. The Monster Patrol truck commonly rides in to “Loney Train” by Balck Stone Cherry.


Another truck owned by Paul Shafer, the Bear Foot, is currently driven by three teams, two in the states and one in Australia. Phelps Motorsports currently features the Bear Foot in its style from the 1990 championship. The Bear Foot debuted as Dodge Ram. Now, it shows as a Chevy. It’s most famous for being featured in a Volvo commercial when it smashed a row of cars.


Driven by Tyler Groth and part of the Mirror Image Racing team, the Double Trouble monster truck has been racing competitively since 2012. The body style is a Ford F-150 with a 540 C.I. Big M block engine. It has appeared in many Monster Jam shows throughout the years.


Zilla Truck

The Zilla is known for attempting a complete backflip in 2019, which leads it to be one of the most adventurous monster trucks out there. It is owned by Ricky Fowler and appears in many outdoor monster truck shows. Its black and yellow paint job makes it stand out from the crowd.


The Texas Outlaw is a throwback-style truck modeled after the Jersey Outlaw that premiered in the 1980s. It's operated by Mike Harper and is based out of Texas. Spectators enjoy seeing Mike’s adventurous driving antics.


The Beach Bum has a surfs-up attitude while it hangs loose. It is owned by Brian Christensen and was formally known as the D’Strubed monster truck. The Beach Bum first appeared at the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru show, which was held this past December in Canada.


Driven by a family from Menifee, California, Obsessed is operated by Eric Swanson and his father, Rick Swanson. When Eric first started driving, he was only 15 years old and too young to compete in bigger monster truck shows, like Monster Jam. That’s when Rick took over for shows Eric couldn’t drive-in. Obsessed is a 1986 Ford F-100 that first made its appearance in 2009.


Jail Bird’s driver, Kaylyn Migues, brings women into the world of monster trucks! The truck won its first competition in 2018 and has been seen in many shows around the country since it first premiered in 2015.


Jail Bird’s partner, Nitro Menace (formally known as Menace), will also appear at the NO LIMITS Monster Truck show this year. Menace has appeared in three Monster Jam arena tours since it first debuted in 2015. It’s a 2006 Ford F-150 model with a Merlin 540 C.I. engine.


Tickets are available for monster trucks in Billings, MT, on MetaPark arena's website. Whether you’re looking to spend some time at the top outdoor spots in Billings or are traveling to be a part of the various live events in the area, there's something for everyone when you book a stay at the Dude Rancher Lodge! Learn more about the things to do in the area on our blog!

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