TEDx Brings Insight into a Better Billings!

TEDx Brings Insight into a Better Billings!
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Arielle Sanchez
January 9, 2015

By now you have probably heard of the wildly popular TED Talks – a global set of conferences where speakers talk about ideas worth spreading. Some speakers have given talks through TED Talks such as Bill Gates, Google founders, Larry Page, and Sergey Bring, Jane Goodall, many Nobel Prize winners and many, many more. Because of the success and popularity of TED Talks, TEDx has been created; the ‘x’ equals independently organized TED events. This year, there will be a TEDx Billings event! On Saturday, January 10th, come down to the Billings Public Library to hear some talks centered on the theme of “Building Community.” Join the Billings community for the 2nd annual TEDx event! Get your tickets today!While staying in Billings MT, you can attend TEDx Billings and be given the opportunity to hear ten incredible speakers share their ideas on building community. From civic responsibility to personal growth, these speakers will provide a variety of views on how the community can be created. You will hear how a community can be built through education, design, technology, entertainment and more. These funny talks will also be thought-provoking, and you will be sure to walk away from the night with your mind buzzing with new thoughts and ideas. Now is your chance to hear about what builds community, what inspires the people within the community, and what sustains it. Tickets are only $75 each, and each ticket will provide you access to the full day of presentations as well as videos from the TED catalog. This year, there will be 11 speakers who will speak on a community.Here are the speakers who will be presenting. Lisa Harmon, the Executive Director of the Downtown Billings Alliance; Will Bruder, Architect of Billings Public Library; Sherry Matteucci, former US Attorney in Montana; Bruce Kania, CEO of Floating Island International; David North, former General Motors chief auto designer; Jeff Ewelt, Executive Director of ZooMontana; Danny Choriki, Entrepreneur and Technology Specialist; and many more.

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