Visit the Western Heritage Center in Billings

Visit the Western Heritage Center in Billings
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Arielle Sanchez
April 21, 2017

The Western Heritage Center is a museum that is conveniently located in downtown Billings. The educational museum shares the stories of the peoples of the Northern Plains and the Yellowstone River Valley. Here, look through a number of different exhibits, events, as well as activities that are just for kids! The next time you’re in downtown Billings, stop by the Western Heritage Center to learn more about the early history of the area.Exhibits that guests have been able to enjoy at the Western Heritage Center include The Art of Dick Ellis, which features art on primarily wildlife and landscapes. Another exhibit includes Coming Home: The Northern Cheyenne Odyssey, which focuses on two bands of the Cheyenne - the Dull Knife Band and the Little Wolf Band. The Echoes of Eastern Montana: Stories from an Open Country, is an interactive exhibit that allows guests to watch interviews, read personal diaries, listen to stories, look through family photos and more of early settlers of Eastern Montana. Many exhibits are rotating so there is always something new to discover! To keep kids engaged, there are a number of different activities for them to enjoy. For example, your kids can use an Architectural Scavenger Hunt to use while they look through the Museum. For more activities for your kids, visit Here, you can access Calamity Jane coloring pages, a coloring book that tells the early history of Montana, an American Indian Flag activity and more. Learn about the history and the culture of Billings if you are in town!For more information regarding hours of operation and pricing, visit

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