Women's Expo

Women's Expo
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Arielle Sanchez
March 10, 2017

Join hundreds of other women for Montana's annual Women's Expo. At this yearly event, gather together with other women in Billings and throughout Montana. At this expo, discover your inner passions, relax, rejuvenate and learn new skills and interests! This year, the Montana Women's Expo will be for one day only - Saturday, April 15th, from 10 am-5 pm. The expo will be at Metrapark. Don't miss out on this exciting event!At the Women's Expo, you will learn all about the latest advancements in products and services that are explicitly geared toward women. For example, learn more about categories such as Beauty, Health and Wellness, Education, Finance, Lifestyle, Fitness, Home & Decor, Pampering, Food, Shopping, Fun and more! There will even be a cooking stage where you can learn exciting new cooking techniques from some of the best cooks around. At this event, explore through the over 100 vendors, all of which specialize in products exclusively for women. Whatever you are wanting to learn more about, it is likely that it will be covered here. At the expo, you can interact with some of Billings' best companies, brands, boutiques, and more. They have all gathered at the exhibition to show what they can offer to you! At the expo, you can purchase some new items, learn about a new hobby or interest, and more.The Montana Women's Expo will be held on Saturday, April 15th, from 10 am-5 pm. Best of all, the event is FREE to attend. Stop by MetraPark and enjoy the fun. In addition, Boothill Inn as well as MetraPark will be offering transportation in their van back and forth for FREE! With transportation taken care of, stop by the expo, enjoy some time for relaxation and see what Women's Expo has to offer. For more information on this event, call (406) 248-7827.

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