Chief Plenty Coups State Park

Chief Plenty Coups State Park
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Arielle Sanchez
October 26, 2018

Chief Plenty Coups State Park MT is located within the crow indian reservation, near the base of the Pryor Mountains. The park is actually the location of where Chief Plenty Coups, the last chief of the Crow lived. Today, at the state park you’ll actually be able to see Chief Plenty Coups’ log home and store, which are both National Historic Landmarks. The state park encompasses 195 acres and sheds light on the life of Chief Plenty Coups, whose leadership, bravery and vision helped bridge the gap between two cultures. Chief Plenty Coups was born in 1848 and became chief of the Crow at age of 29. He became the last chief who was elected a chief by other chiefs. Known for his diplomacy, Chief Plenty Coups had a vision where it was shown to him that cooperating with the white man, was the only way his tribe would survive. During the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Crow Warriors worked as scouts for General Custer and allied with them in order to fight their own traditional enemies: the Sioux, Cheyenne, and Lakota. He died at age 84 in 1932 and through his foresight, diplomacy and strong leadership, Chief Plenty Coups was able to preserve the Crow Nation land, culture and people better than most other Native American tribes. After his death, the Crow council voted unanimously against choosing another chief as they said, “No loving man can fill Plenty Coups’ place”. Throughout the year, the Chief Plenty Coups State Park hosts various programs and events for the community to enjoy. Some of these events include picnic day, drum practice, gardening, Native American Heritage Day, Christmas open house and more! In addition to learning more about history at the Visitor Center, enjoy the outdoors where you enjoy bird watching, fishing, hiking, horseshoes, as we as picnicking by the Pryor Creek. There are even grills located near the picnic tables as well. Come and visit today.

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