Planning Your Summer Vacation to Montana

Planning Your Summer Vacation to Montana
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Arielle Sanchez
May 4, 2016

If you have been looking for the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, Montana is a dream come true. This wild and rugged state still offers thousands of acres of untouched land that will have you enjoying nature the way it was intended. If you’re thinking about planning a summer vacation to Montana, here are some places to consider visiting. Yellowstone National Park was named a national park for some good reasons. Stepping into the National Park is like stepping back into time and allows you to wonder about what America was like hundreds of years ago. Some things to do while in Yellowstone include seeing animals in their natural habitat, taking a hike, going rafting, camping, seeing a live cowboy show, fishing, hunting for fossils and so much more. Some animals you can try and spot include grizzly bears, bison, grey wolves, moose, bald eagles and more. And while you’re here, don’t forget to catch a geyser erupt as Yellowstone is home to the largest active geyser field in the world. For more information visit you are also a bit of a history buff, make sure to stop by Pompeys Pillar National Monument. Pompeys Pillar is the only remaining on-site physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The pillar is an impressive rock of sandstone that rises 200 feet into the air, 30 miles east of Billings. In 1806, Captain William Clark carved his signature on the date onto the rock. As a result, it is the only known visible piece of evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. See a part of our Nation’s history and stop by Pompeys Pillar National Monument. Visit for more information.Another National Historic Landmark you might want to stop by is the Pictograph Cave State Park. Here, explorers have discovered over 100 pictographs and artifacts that have been left behind by prehistoric hunters who once used these caves as their homes. The oldest rock art inside the cave is dated to be over 2,000 years old! The most recent additions are estimated to be around 200 - 500 years old. Come and see history for yourself at the Pictograph Cave State Park. For camping information visit you are wondering where to stay in Billings Montana during the summer, consider staying at The Dude Rancher Lodge.

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