The Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

The Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
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Arielle Sanchez
March 8, 2016

An ideal destination for those looking for an adventure is Billings, MT. From snowy mountains to lush hiking trails, there is always something new to discover. Billings also has a fascinating history that helps tell the story of early America. If you are visiting Billings, consider exploring early American history at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.This monument was created in honor of the Battle of Little Bighorn that took place in 1876. America was only 100 years old, and the growing influx of Europeans was forcing travelers to head West, and further into Native American territory. As stresses increased, it culminated in a two day battle against the US Seventh Cavalry Regiment led by Lieutenant Custer and the Cheyenne and Sioux under the leadership of Sitting Bull. At this site, not only can you see the location of the battle, but you can also learn more by stopping by the museum and visitor center. Here, you can look at exhibits and learn more about the history that led to this battle. Nearby is also the Custer National Cemetery, where soldiers from the world wars, Korea, and Vietnam are buried. While the National Monument to the Little Bighorn Battlefield is a sobering one, perhaps it is important to face our history and come away from it a little wiser.The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is located at 756 Battlefield Tour Road, Crow Agency, MT 59022. This historic site is open year-round. However, the hours change according to the time of year. For more information, visit If you are staying at one of the hotels near Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Billings, be sure to check out this Monument.

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