Things to do in Billings During the Winter

Things to do in Billings During the Winter
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Arielle Sanchez
November 9, 2016

When traveling to Montana, it is almost impossible to not be swept away by the natural beauty of the landscape. If you are looking to get caught up under the big sky and the vast prairies of this beautiful state, there are many opportunities for you to do so. Winter is quickly approaching, and if you plan on traveling to Billings during this time, there are actually plenty of things to do in Billings during the winter. One of these options is to take a trip to Glacier National Park. While Glacier National Park is always an excellent place to visit during anytime of the year, a visit during the fall can be especially unique. During the fall, you can see exquisite foliage and a welcomed quiet that only seems to emerge during this time of year. During this time, since there are generally less visitors, there is also more active wildlife, which can make it a more exciting time to visit. However, despite the fact that the park is very beautiful this time of year, it is also important to note that many of the concession services that are usually available are closed for the season. Despite this, this shouldn’t stop travelers from visiting Glacier National Park during the fall. If you are interested in camping, this is a great time to camp within the park since there are generally less people around. During this time of year, there are no reservations that are taken so camping is done on a first come, first serve basis. In addition, not all of the campgrounds are open during the fall. For the most part, the weather during the fall is typical of the season. With that being said, it is also possible for the park to get some snow during this season as well, though this varies year to year. Since snow is always a possibility it is best to be prepared for winter conditions just in case. If you are interested in hiking and seeing the natural beauty of Montana, than take a trip to Glacier National Park this fall.

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