Time to Cheer on your Favorite Bull Riders!

Time to Cheer on your Favorite Bull Riders!
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Arielle Sanchez
April 7, 2017

When in Billings, do as the locals do and that means catching a rodeo show. Right now, you can catch a show from now all the way through April, with some other events later on in the year as well. The Professional Bull Riding association will be at the Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings on Friday, April 7th at 7:45pm and Saturday, April 8th at 6:45pm. If you can’t make those two shows, don’t worry, there will be another event in Billings on Sunday, April 9th at 1:45pm. Bring out family and friends to join this spectating sport. Cheer on your favorite bull rider and see which riders will advance to the next round. Be sure to follow your favorite riders to see who will make it all the way to the Bull Riding Championships that will take place in Las Vegas this November. There are a ton of fun things to do in Billings so be sure to take advantage of these events when you're in the area!On each day of the competitions, there is early entrance offered. On Friday, early entrance will take place on 5pm, on Saturday, early entrance will take place at 4pm and on Sunday, early entrance will take place at 11am. If you purchase an early entrance ticket, the location for early entrance is toward the west side of the box office. With an early entrance ticket, you will be able to receive a tour of the arena and learn more about the Bull Riders who will participate in this event. Tours of the arena will promptly begin 30 minutes after Early Entrance. For example, on Friday, early entrance is at 5pm. Therefore, the tour will begin at 5:30pm. After the tour, there will also be a reception for guests to enjoy that will take place in the Stillwater Room. During your trip to Montana, be a part of all the fun by attending a bull riding show in Billings.

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