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Western Romance Company
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Arielle Sanchez
August 31, 2018

Montana is home to Big Sky Country and beautiful sights of nature that you won’t get anywhere else. From hiking and horseback riding to visiting national monuments and haunted sights, Montana is filled with adventure. If you’re looking to step back in time and experience the traditional Wild West experience, then look no further than the Western Romance Company Billings, MT. While there are plenty of cool things to do in Billings Montana, if you want authentic western activities and events, be sure to see all the things that Western Romance Company offers.If you and your family are hoping to go horseback riding, just like the cowboys did years ago, the Western Romance Company offers horseback rides and trail rides that are conveniently only 15 minutes away from Downtown Billings! One of the horseback riding adventures also takes place near the historic Custer’s Battlefield National Monument. On the trail, you’ll enjoy the historical mile and half that General George Armstrong Custer rode before his last battle. If you’ve never ridden a horse before, don’t fret because one of their experienced wranglers or guides will provide you with a quick lesson so you’ll know how to stop, turn and ride your horse. Another popular option that Western Romance Company offers is Happy Pappy’s Cowboy Cookout. This experience is perfect for families who want a family-friendly night of entertainment, a gourmet cowboy dinner, old fashioned country music, and fun, cultural activities. The evening begins by going on a covered wagon ride to the Chuckwagon Camp. Once there, while dinner is cooking, enjoy country-western activities such as calf roping, horseshoes, and other fun, outdoor games. If you’d like to schedule a horseback ride before dinner, this can also be accommodated. The evening will end with a delicious dinner and a live band!

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